Saturday, February 28, 2009

Having five kids means you have a lot of great excuses - why you're always late, why the house looks like you deserve disaster relief assistance, why you're wearing two different shoes, and why you simply cannot be bothered to take the time to sell your art. But this week I had had enough of my own lame excuses, and decided it was time to buckle down... take a few pictures, spend some serious time in the craft room, and make the effort to set up my etsy account.

I spent HOURS taking pictures of my cute little frame quotes, and HOURS cursing at the computer (and praying it was only the dog behind me, and that those words wouldn't somehow result in a note home from the preschool) till I got things juuuuuust right.

I mean, how am I NOT selling my crafty cards at the very least? And I adore creating them... Who knew that my first sale would actually be the glam hair accessories that I decided to make one afternoon. I'm pretty sure I thought I was the only person who would wear them, no matter how cute I had convinced myself they were. Not true!

Turns out they're gonna be my biggest sellers... So! After years of harassment, I finally gave in and because a serious business woman. I'll kept this blog updated with my outpouring of creativity, but for the real deals you should check this out:
Go see how I'm now making my mother proud...