Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hard days, good friends.

I have hard days. Days that I spend resisting the urge to pinch people and use the f-word as a staple in general conversation. In fact, today was one of those days. Morning came too quick, and making pb&j for school lunches suddenly became the most annoying task on the face of the planet... Lucky for me, I have Ang and Nichole. I can call them and tell them how I hate everyone and everything, and I'm usually met with, "I know, everything sucks." Which, while usually untrue, is exactly what a girl needs to hear sometimes. Not, "Oh, you're just pms-ing" or "Actually, it's really nice out today." Good friends tell you everything sucks sometimes.

But what if you're not old enough to call a friend? Allie is our drama queeen. She has tears that she can turn on for just about every situation, and the only four year old I know that will go to her room for "quiet time" when the other four really start to get on her last delicate nerve. When everyone is on the trampoline, she's digging a hole by herself. When everyone else wants to watch Kung Fu Panda, she's content coloring in the kitchen. Good for her - I can understand that urge to be a loner. But what's a girl to do when you've had a REALLY crappy day, and mom and dad just don't get it? More and more we've noticed her turning to "Baby Sutt Sutt", our schnauzer who happens to be the same age as her. He's an excellent listener, and Allie is the only one he'll sit next to for hours... just being available. What a good friend :)

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