Sunday, March 8, 2009

scraps and stones and happy bones!

Well, Steve's out of town this week... and I have to admit, the idea of five kid duty all alone can seem a bit daunting. Lucky me, however! Today was a beeeautiful day by any standard, and a delicious rarity in Tulsa. So I shipped the kids out to the back yard and settled myself in the craftroom (window open, of course!) and tackled my next project... rings! I ordered some blank ring backs from, and wanted to have something to put on them when they arrive. And what might that be? Well, I've been dollar store digging, and thought I might put these things to a new use: glass stones that you usually use to "dress up" a flower vase full of glamorous dollar store silk flowers *yack*:

And I'm alllll about using what you have on hand! So I dug thu my box full of scraps and pulled out some pretty paper... who doesn't love getting every penny's worth out of their scrapping supplies? Steve thinks my little habbit of avoiding tossing scrap supplies is unhealthy, but I disagree - look what I made!

Once I cut the scraps to size, I stamped on 'em, adhered punched out birds to 'em, wrote on 'em, and just plain made 'em fancy...

And I'm SUPER pleased with the results. My favorite is the little owl who is asking "hoo me?"... what a FUN ring that will be! Just a week or so to go, and these little gems should be up on my etsy! (
In other news, I have a serious case of the spring fever. I've been cleaning *GASP* and leaving windows open and thinking about our upcoming summer beach trip... making lemon squares, jumping on the trampoline with the kiddos, wearing flips flops and open toed heels. I LOVE this time of year...

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  1. I am loving your creations i am so glad you are squeezing in some time for it! I dont have 5 but believe me i feel like i have 10 if that helps? xoxoxox