Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why not just live in your own filth?

*Sigh* Yes, I own that little slice of heaven above. People never fail to amaze me... this little "incident" happened on Sunday night, and I - the owner - would have been none the wise if it weren't for the nosey neighbor with a little too much time on her hands. I mean, that woman went all the way down to the courthouse, located land records, found out I owned the house, and called me on Tuesday. I was blissfully unaware of the HOUSE FIRE till almost 48 hours later. The tenants are still living in it, and apparently had no intention of (a) cleaning this shit up, or (b) letting me know that it had even occurred. Seriously? It was a fire. Ah, the joys of self employment...

In other news, it has been a very hard week for me on a personal level - not the sort of stuff for blogs, but I take a deep pride in my ability to pick myself up, put on a cute pair of heels, and keep movin' on. I'm not much of one to wallow, which I think is a direct result of being raised by a woman who has zero tolerance for self-pity. On top of it, I have been insanely busy - and then the kids brought home a note letting me know they were to dress as cowboys (and girls) the very next day, so they could learn to milk a cow. Odd. And very short notice... but I'm proud of the results. They looked DAMN cute, and I found another little thing to take pride in - my ability to come thru, no matter how high the plate is already piled. Go, cowgirl.


  1. this is exactly why I do not want to be a landlord. but, yes, the kids are adorable and a great pic of them too!

  2. I just had to comment..Are you serious??? They actually had a fire and never notified you? What a dilengent neighbor I must say!!!!!!!!!
    terrible terrible!!! anywho..hello there!!

  3. People!! sometimes don'tcha just wanna wring some necks?... I know I do.